The Kaizen Way with Sally Reinholdt

ProdPod: Episode 86 — The Kaizen Way: What Are the Elements of Kaizen? with Sally Reinholdt (Part 2 of 2)

Welcome to Episode 86 of ProdPod, the podcast of productivity lessons in two minutes or less. I’m Ray Sidney-Smith and I have Professional Organizer Sally Reinholdt here for Part 2 of our discussion of One Small Step Can Change Your Life: The Kaizen Way by psychologist [ ], by Dr. Robert Maurer. We’ll be covering the elements of Kaizen. Sally, take it away.

Sally: 1.) Ask small questions-asking small questions allows us to bypass fears that in turn allow the brain to focus on problem solving which then leads to action.
2.) Think small thoughts-Kaizen uses Mind Sculpture as a way of approaching a difficult task or situation with a purely mental rehearsal thus avoiding the “jumping in feet first” fear.
3.) Take small actions-e.g., stop ever spending. Remove one object from your shopping cart before going to the checkout line. Small actions feel safe to the brain because the change is so small that there is no risk of failure or unhappiness.
4.) Solve small problems-fixing small problems immediately prevents much bigger and more serious problems later.
5.) Give small rewards-small rewards encourage internal motivation because they are a form of recognition rather than material gain. Small rewards show employees that their internal desire to improve and contribute is appreciated.

To learn more about Sally and her work as a professional organizer, visit her website, Commonwealth Organizing Solutions.

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