ProdPod: Episode 75 — How to Run your Personal Advisory Board, Part Two

Steps for Setting Up Your Personal Advisory Board:

1. Perform a strategic analysis of your situation, including a business and personal
SWOT Analysis.
2. Set clear, written goals and objectives for your PAB: Vision and 6-month mission
3. Make a list of potential board advisers. Be broad in your list; think of all your
relationship categories (academic, personal, professional, extracurricular and more)
and make note of individuals you believe have skills that complete weaknesses or
provide connections to opportunities from your SWOT analyses. This is an ongoing list
and should be continually updated and reviewed for potential board advisers at least
4. From your list of potential board advisers, select six individuals. You should decide
on the group that (a) best fits your needs for the coming six months that you’ve
planned through your mission statement, (b) has the best chance of collaborating
well, and (c) have no apparent reasons for not being able to serve on the board for
the next set of terms.
5. Create a list of possible substitutes (usually up to three), in case some of your
potential board advisers are unable or unwilling to be a part of your PAB. Be
gracious, positive and compassionate with anyone who does not or cannot be on your
PAB. Be sure to ask them if they’d like to be considered for future PABs; that way, if
they say “no,” you can remove them completely from your list of potential board
advisers so you don’t bother them again in the future.
6. Reach out to each potential board adviser, introduce them to the concept of the PAB
and yours and their responsibilities (see the outline below), and ask them if they’d be
interested in joining the PAB.
7. Once you have six yeses, you are ready to schedule your first PAB meeting.

Source: ProdPod