ProdPod: Episode 69–Day Reset

Most days I awake feeling gratitude for having another day to be alive and that alone is motivating to get my day going energetically! However, there are days when things just don’t go well. You’ve probably had those days, and will in the future. The opera of family, professional and personal life mess with our productive and contented mindsets. Well, in this episode, I’d like to offer three steps to restarting your productivity day when things aren’t going your way.
The most valuable aspect of resetting your day is to know when to do it. What is the criterion or the aspects of your current day that warrant your decision to hit the Day Reset button? If you know when the day needs to re-begin, whether that’s because of distraction, procrastination or some other specific situation, it helps you put that list of conditions together so you know when to take action before the rest of your day is lost to inaction, worry or other unproductive, unhealthy paths.
So, how will you restart your day? You must have an action plan template. For me, as an example, I have a checklist dedicated to my Day Reset and when I realize that I am going to restart my day, I access the checklist, copy it to my Tasks list, and start doing the tasks. I start with a specific music playlist, read some of my favorite pieces of poetry and literature excerpts for about 5-15 minutes, and then do a mini-review of my new day. I move what isn’t going to happen today forward to other days, and I alert interested parties of the change. Then, I figure out what is going to happen today and make sure that it makes sense. This gets me going on a well-worn path to success in any day, but especially on days like this.
At the end of your new day within a day, this is an important time to recognize the gratitude for your awareness to trigger your Day Reset, and to write down what caused you to initiate the Day Reset. With this information in hand, you can hopefully know what the standard operating procedure is for your life when this happens again. And, it will help you possibly know when to restart your day earlier or faster by knowing the telltale signs.