ProdPod: Episode 34 — FastCustomer, a Productivity Tool for Making Customer Service Better

Welcome to Episode 34 of ProdPod, the podcast of productivity lessons in two minutes or less. I’m Ray Sidney-Smith, your productivity guide.

Partly because I’m a tech geek and partly because of my professional responsibilities, I get to see a dizzying array of new technologies every day. And, I try to keep most of them swimming around in my head to differentiate the potential winners and likely losers in the market. FastCustomer is a productivity tool that I believe is one of those potential winners. According to its website, it is trying to “make customer service better for both companies and consumers.” I think the concept (as I’ll explain momentarily) is amazing and I hope it continues to be adopted by the broader consumer market and corporate customer service departments. Here’s the problem it solves, how it works and what it means for your personal productivity.

As you know, trying to get customer service on the line can sometimes be a major headache. FastCustomer steps in as a free Web, mobile SMS and smartphone app technology that waits for you, then connects you to customer service so you don’t have any wait time. You can access the service via, install their Firefox or Chrome Web browser extensions, text 936-CALL-PLS, or use their Apple iOS or Android-based smartphone applications. You let them know what company you need a customer service call from and they do the rest for you. Once a representative is brought on the line, FastCustomer calls you and puts the representative on the phone. Poof! Think of the hours you’ll save waiting from on hold!

A few important details:

  • the service is available in the United States and Canada presently and not all businesses’ phone systems support FastCustomer;
  • there’s a human element to FastCustomer, meaning that the customer service rep needs to listen to FastCustomer’s directions when they get on the line so that they don’t disconnect your call before you pick up the line; and,
  • if a company is not listed, you can request them to get listed but that doesn’t mean they have to listen.

So, don’t wait on hold ever again! Use FastCustomer, tell everyone you know about the service, make sure your company or organization is listed and spread the customer service love.