ProdPod: Episode 26 — Technology and Simplicity

For those of you who suffer from carrying too much with you on a regular basis, or feeling the clutter of technology accumulate on your desk or around the house over time, think about these three questions to see if you can simplify your technology infrastructure.

1- How often do you use each of the devices you own? Like with your wardrobe, if you haven’t worn it this year, it’s likely you won’t use it next year. 

2- Can you consolidate functionality? If you’ve had a printer, scanner and fax machine sitting around your office or home office for several years, now might be the time to think about consolidating to a wireless, network multi-function printer/scanner/copier and getting a service such as MyFax or eFax that allows you to send/receive faxes by email. This will reduce the devices, clutter and gives you more telecommunications options.

3- Are there new Cloud-based technologies that help you become more device-independent? For example, if you carry a smartphone and an MP3 player, you may want to try out Google Music (the new Web-based music player hosts up to 20,000 of your songs for free so you can access them anywhere) by going to and phasing out the extra device. 

The beauty of living in an age of advanced technology is that you can also streamline, so why not take advantage!