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ProdPod: Episode 109: Overcoming Distractions

Reading Time (est.): 2 minutes

Without focus, almost nothing can get done. Yet distractions abound in our everyday work and personal lives. If everything and anything has your attention, then nothing really ever gets the appropriate attention it needs. Focus is a key skill in any productive person’s life and here are my thoughts on how one can work on overcoming distractions. Three Categories of… Read more →

Multi-Sensory Productivity

ProdPod: Episode 89 — Multi-Sensory Productivity

Reading Time (est.): 3 minutes

Humans have five common senses. (We actually have several more senses not commonly discussed.) Your sense of touch is mostly dedicated to your largest organ, your skin, comprising 22 square feet (or, 2 square meters), which holds millions of touch receptors of various sensitivity to map your physical surroundings. Your five fingers on each hand alone contain 3,000 touch receptors… Read more →