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ProdPod: Episode 98: The Power of Short-Term Challenges

Reading Time (est.): 2 minutes

Have you ever entered a competition, or a race, of some kind? Whether it’s a science fair, marathon, triathlon, March Madness, or almost any kind of contest, you know the feeling of competing. You have a period of time that focuses a large portion of your time, attention, and resources in achieving something. These short-term challenges have a way of… Read more →

ProdPod - Episode 93 - Gamification and Your Productivity

ProdPod: Episode 93: Gamification and Your Productivity

Reading Time (est.): 2 minutes

A gamified life. For the productivity and technology geek that I am, it sounds like a pretty cool existence to infuse gamification into many aspects. I’d get to live the superhero lifestyle (minus the superpower-enabling lab experiment gone wrong) I should’ve been living all along. But can I live a truly gamified life? Over the past several years, that is… Read more →