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Thinking INSIDE the Box - Part 1 - ProdPod

ProdPod: Episode 114: Thinking INSIDE the Box! – Part 1

Reading Time (est.): 1 minutes

So often I hear the cliché that you need to be an “out of the box” thinker. Creativity and problem-solving (which I feel frequently are synonymous in many circumstances) are, after all, great tools in any productive person’s toolbelt. But, is thinking outside the box really possible? And, if not, how can we effectively use thinking inside the box? This… Read more →

ProdPod: Episode 113: Limiting Resources for Greater Productivity

Reading Time (est.): 2 minutes

Intuitively, we know that focus is a fundamental of greater productivity. Broadly and less instinctively, focus manifests heightened productivity by training and straining any resource, including but not limited to attention, time, money, and other resources. In Episode 98, I spoke about using time-based challenges for sprinting toward such productivity. Now, I’d like to discuss some ideas about limiting resources–the… Read more →

ProdPod: Episode 112: Overcoming Burnout: Rest and Rejuvenation for Sustainable Productivity

Reading Time (est.): 2 minutes

Burnout is a systemic problem not a situational/circumstantial challenge. And, so overcoming burnout is more about how to build systematic “down time” and renewal into your life and work for sustainable productivity. Here are some suggestions for both rest and rejuvenation. Rest Rest comes in two flavors: inaction and sleep. I have a working hypothesis that inaction, or simply not… Read more →

ProdPod: Episode 111: Overcoming Procrastination

Reading Time (est.): 2 minutes

In Episode 22, I defined procrastination and even gave a few pointers about Procrasti-Doing in Episode 82. In this episode, I’d like to continue the dialog with some tips on overcoming procrastination. I recognized many years ago that overwhelm was a major cause of my own procrastination, which I covered a few episodes back in Episode 108, and a tactic… Read more →