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ProdPod: Episode 92: Rewarding Yourself for Productive Habit Development and Reaching Goals

Reading Time (est.): 4 minutes

Summary: I have a three-tiered reward system for conquering mundane tasks, sustaining habit development, and reaching big goals. Rewarding yourself helps to motivate me for things that don’t have a tangible outcome of my productive efforts. One of the most unproductive outcomes of the last century’s shift from the Industrial Age to knowledge work in the Digital Age has been the… Read more →

ProdPod Productivity Podcast Album Cover

ProdPod: Episode 91: What Do You Own?

Reading Time (est.): 3 minutes

Have you ever been in a situation where you lost all your worldly possessions in one day? I have. It’s a life-changing event, even for someone not too attached to material things, to find out it’s all been burned away, water-damaged or otherwise destroyed in a catastrophic event. Other than the insurance covering my personal property providing little emotional relief… Read more →

ProdPod - Episode 90 - Biology, Self-Actualization and Your Productivity

ProdPod: Episode 90: Biology, Self-Actualization and Your Productivity

Reading Time (est.): 2 minutes

When the idea of self-actualization developed in the mid-20th century, far before the field of positive psychology was fostered by Dr. Martin Seligman, there was a desire to study and cure illness, mental and physical. Dr. Abraham Maslow tried something different; he studied the role model, the talented and the ingenious. By doing so, he hoped to unlock how we… Read more →

Multi-Sensory Productivity

ProdPod: Episode 89 — Multi-Sensory Productivity

Reading Time (est.): 3 minutes

Humans have five common senses. (We actually have several more senses not commonly discussed.) Your sense of touch is mostly dedicated to your largest organ, your skin, comprising 22 square feet (or, 2 square meters), which holds millions of touch receptors of various sensitivity to map your physical surroundings. Your five fingers on each hand alone contain 3,000 touch receptors… Read more →

Defining Happiness

ProdPod: Episode 88 — Defining Happiness

Reading Time (est.): 2 minutes

As I’ve written about before, “happiness” is a terrible word to me. It’s my version of a four-letter word in regard to positive psychology and personal productivity. And yet, we continue to keep using it; I’m guilty of it as well from time to time. While it seems like a universal term, it’s actually a rather confusing word. If the… Read more →