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Getting More Resilient - Resilience and Productivity - ProdPod - Episode 117

ProdPod: Episode 117: Getting More Resilient

In the last episode, I defined resilience, or emotional elasticity, as I like to call it. Here, I’d like to detail tactics for bending back into shape faster for more productive output. I’ll consider these resilience-building tactics in three categories: building productivity immunity, training your productive resilience, and learning to recovery for greater resilience. Build Your Productivity Immunity | Getting… Read more →

Resilience and Productivity - ProdPod - Episode 116

ProdPod: Episode 116: Resilience and Productivity

A few episodes ago I covered several challenges that people face in their productive lives, including overcoming overwhelm, distractions, indecision, procrastination, and burnout. And, in this episode, I am detailing an important emotional skill that one hears in many contexts but is one consistent source of productive strength for those willing to build it: resilience. Defining Resilience Resilience, according the… Read more →