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ProdPod: Episode 100: Overcoming Indecision

Do you have a good idea of how well you manage uncertainty and make decisions? For most people, there is no well-defined strategy for overcoming indecision in their productivity systems. I think everyone should think about how to reduce distress and increase action through some basic components of good decision-making. Identification First, in order to make decisions you need to… Read more →

Software Review- Mind42 - Free Web-Based Mind Map Productivity Software - ProdPod

ProdPod: Episode 101: Software Review: Mind42 – Free Web-Based Mind Map Productivity Software

In the last episode, I spoke about using mind maps as a productivity tool. And, one of my favorite mind mapping tools is the free, Web-based software, Mind42. (Note: it is free and ad-supported.) Mind42 is a comprehensive mind mapping tool that allows you to create as many private and public mind maps as you’d like. After creating an account,… Read more →