Month: February 2017

ProdPod: Episode 107: Managing People for Productivity

In all my years of management, I’ve learned a few things which have proved consistent, that I have wrapped into a developing, high-level leadership framework for organizations, so I thought I’d share it with you. People need to be managed for greater productivity as a team; Management takes the form of people guiding people (not tools), culture managing people’s behaviors,… Read more →

Myth of the Left and Right Brain - ProdPod

ProdPod: Episode 104: The Myth of the Left and Right Brain

For decades we have talked about the “left-” and “right-brained” person. The idea categorizes those who are left-brained as more analytical and better at the math and sciences, while those who are right-brained as more creative and intuitive and better at the arts. This has become common psychological parlance to talk of people in this way. After all, we have… Read more →

Managing Up for a More Productive Organizational Culture - Part 2 - ProdPod

ProdPod: Episode 103: Managing Up for a More Productive Organizational Culture, Part 2

In episode 102, I introduced the idea of managing up and discussed one leg of it–managing expectations and delegation. Here in this episode, we’ll cover the next two legs of managing up for a more productive organizational culture–managing collaborative time wisely and managing your manager. Managing Collaborative Time Wisely From quick assignment of tasks, working on a project together, or scheduling… Read more →