Month: February 2017

ProdPod: Episode 107: Managing People for Productivity

Reading Time (est.): 2 minutes

In all my years of management, I’ve learned a few things which have proved consistent, that I have wrapped into a developing, high-level leadership framework for organizations, so I thought I’d share it with you. People need to be managed for greater productivity as a team; Management takes the form of people guiding people (not tools), culture managing people’s behaviors,… Read more →

ProdPod: Episode 106: End of Workday Routine

Reading Time (est.): 2 minutes

In the last episode I spoke about routines that were primarily designed to facilitate personal and work life improvements. However, those are not my only routines and I wanted to explain another of my most helpful daily routines–my end of workday routine. Many of us are plagued by perfectionism and workaholism, even when we don’t identify with these addictions in… Read more →

ProdPod: Episode 105: The Power of Daily Routines

Reading Time (est.): 2 minutes

For years I’ve spoken about the power of habits, and tangentially, I’ve spoken about many routines that I have–from meditation (Episode 32), to my Day Reset strategy (Episode 69), and more. I use a variety of routines to minimize distractions and maximize my productivity. None more than any others, I have three daily routines I use every day: my morning,… Read more →

Myth of the Left and Right Brain - ProdPod

ProdPod: Episode 104: The Myth of the Left and Right Brain

Reading Time (est.): 2 minutes

For decades we have talked about the “left-” and “right-brained” person. The idea categorizes those who are left-brained as more analytical and better at the math and sciences, while those who are right-brained as more creative and intuitive and better at the arts. This has become common psychological parlance to talk of people in this way. After all, we have… Read more →

Managing Up for a More Productive Organizational Culture - Part 2 - ProdPod

ProdPod: Episode 103: Managing Up for a More Productive Organizational Culture, Part 2

Reading Time (est.): 2 minutes

In episode 102, I introduced the idea of managing up and discussed one leg of it–managing expectations and delegation. Here in this episode, we’ll cover the next two legs of managing up for a more productive organizational culture–managing collaborative time wisely and managing your manager. Managing Collaborative Time Wisely From quick assignment of tasks, working on a project together, or scheduling… Read more →